Crazy for Coleus: My Growing Collection of Mayana Varieties

Currently, I have eight varieties of coleus. This plant is easy to grow and propagate, not to mention, interestingly available in numerous varieties.

The first coleus that I had was this common red variety, which I think is what most locals identify as Mayana. This variety’s leaves have lovely maroon color with yellow-green edges. I planted it a long time ago; I can’t remember where I got it or whom it was from.

20150302_175549 20150303_06512420150302_175603

My second variety was almost identical to my first variety. However, its leaves are darker. The foliage is almost red-violet and the yellowish edge design varies from pale to almost unnoticeable. This one was from a small cutting I got from my cousin.

20150302_175144 20150303_06512020150302_175205

Placing the two varieties side by side lets you see the difference:


The third one used to be my favorite because it was so different from the mayanas that I used to see in local gardens. This coleus’ leaves are coarsely jagged and have yellow and green colors, surely an eye-catching treat in a garden of dark-colored plants. I bought this one (I forgot for how much) in a garden in Lipa City. I was able to plant many of these through cuttings from the mother plant back in 2013. However, most of them died. Only one survived and in 2014, I was able to get three new plants out of that. Here they are:


My fourth coleus is rather different from the previous ones. Its leaves are brownish green with purple lines. It has scalloped edges, another interesting feature. The foliage might not be as brightly colored as the other varieties but its uniquely-shaped leaves are enough reason to give it a spot on my growing collection. I bought this variety from a small garden in Palahanan, San Juan, Batangas while buying clay pots.

20150302_175242  20150303_06535820150302_175328

Early February, 2015, my father gave me a small cutting of another coleus variety from his work. This one is lovely as it has streaks of pink and yellow matching perfectly with the leaves’ jagged edges. I managed to have two small cuttings from it and they are currently developing roots on these small plastic bags. Can you see the small leaves coming out from the cuttings? I can’t wait to see them grow into a mature coleus with stunning pink and yellow foliage.


My sixth, seventh, and eighth varieties are the newest in my collection. I only have them late February, 2015. My father gave me cuttings of three different varieties, which according to him were from our relatives in the nearby barangay of San Isidro. One of these varieties have big plain green leaves while the other one also has green leaves but with pretty purple patterns near the edge. The other has crumpled leaves with green edges and pinkish purple center. I can’t wait to see these three new coleus varieties grow into lovely, healthy plants with stunning foliage.

20150302_17470620150302_17460120150302_174514   20150302_174730

Hopefully, I will be able to find new varieties to add to my collection of coleus and other plants with colorful foliage. I promise to have a new post once I get a new addition to my collection.


6 thoughts on “Crazy for Coleus: My Growing Collection of Mayana Varieties

  1. Haaris says:

    Hi, Beautiful plants, i had one from last year and i bought few today, No doubt everyone likes them and make garden more attractive, Your pictures don’t do justice with this colorful plants, Please upgrade your camera 🙂


  2. Marielle Jian Aspa says:

    Hello po Kuya, saan po kayo sa Batangas? Naghahanap po kasi kami ng sources ng Mayana plant para po sa thesis namin and may nakapagsabi po na marami raw po nito sa Batangas. Baka po meron kayong mga alam na pwede pong pagkunan, maliban po sa mga plant garden. Thank you po and god bless!


    • Lester Panganiban Ilao says:

      Hello Marielle! I know this is too late. But if you’re still interested, you can check out Padre Garcia, they have a couple of gardens along the highway. Not sure if they have coleus (Mayana) though. I currently don’t have any Mayanas left in my garden. They all perished. And I usually ask cuttings from neighbors rather than buy from plant shops. People in Batangas are kind, you can ask for cuttings from friendly homeowners. 🙂


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