My Love for Uniquely Interesting Foliage (Part 1)

As a green thumb, I am interested in almost every single type of plants, but if you would ask me which type I adore the most, I would say those plants with interesting foliage. I’m not particularly fond of flowering plants (though I have plenty of them) because I think their beauty is only seasonal. If you go for plants with colorful and uniquely shaped leaves, you get to enjoy their beauty all year round. Of course, their seasonal blooms are a bonus.

Some of the plants that I love for their interesting leaves are coleus (Mayana), Ti plants, croton (which I guess is locally called San Francisco, not sure about this), and other plants which names I don’t really know.

Here are some of my plants whose leaves could be as beautiful and charming as the loveliest flowers there are. Help me identify some of them.

20150302_175545 20150302_175035 20150303_065358


I always see coleuses (locally known as Mayana) as gorgeous plants endowed with beautiful leaves. Another thing that makes them interesting is that they come in incredibly numerous varieties. Too bad local plant shops and commercial gardens don’t have a lot of coleus. While they’re pretty much common among local homes, what you will usually find is the common reddish variety.

20150302_175425 20150303_065208

Help me identify this plant that I got from Makati. Their leaves have different colors ranging from greens with hints of white, to yellowish oranges and pinks and even purplish red like the topmost leaves. I think they make good landscaping plants because they are eye-catching and they grow abundant foliage.

20150302_175415 20150303_07171220150303_065232

This one (also unidentified), I believe, belongs to the same species as the previous one. I find the combination of green and white in its leaves charming. I have several of these planted on the ground and they grow really fast. They also bear small white flowers.

20150303_103214 20150303_103225

I bought this cute vine for Php 75.00 from a garden at SM City Lipa. I was able to get cuttings from it and grow several young plants. They’re pretty easy to plant and take care of. Its green-and-white leaves are pretty similar to that of the previous plant. I also don’t know the name of this plant, so if you know, please tell me.

These are only four of my garden plants with beautiful leaves. Please wait for my next post for some more plants with interesting foliage.

PS: I apologize if you find the visuals of my blog a little bit off. I’m an amateur blogger and I’m still exploring the options when it comes to design and format of my blog pages. Thanks!


2 thoughts on “My Love for Uniquely Interesting Foliage (Part 1)

  1. arlene says:

    I used to collect Mayana too, used them as borders in my garden but I got tired of replanting them when they grew tall. You can combine them in a large pot and some vines like sweet potato,

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